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ClarityWorks is a sales and leadership development firm based in Toronto and San Diego. For over fifteen years we have been helping professionals, sales teams, and results-driven organizations worldwide improve their performance through a focus on the key principles and ingredients of success in sales, leadership, and life. Through training, coaching and consulting, we help our clients close performance gaps, build better business relationships, and identify, clarify and achieve their objectives.

At ClarityWorks, we believe that motivation and peak performance result from a feeling of personal power and control.  And this feeling is the direct result of achieving personal clarity, learning practical skills, and applying effective strategies.  It is in these key areas - clarity, skills, strategy, motivation, and execution - that we focus our main efforts with our clients.

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Most traditional consulting and development firms focus the majority of their efforts on tools and processes. At ClarityWorks, we realize that no matter how important tools and processes are to sales, leadership and life success, on their own they are not enough. This is why we practice Total ImmersionTM sales and leadership development. We take a holistic approach, looking at the overall picture, and all the factors which affect performance. We often build entire development programs for our clients, including speaking and training events as well as comprehensive coaching and follow-up programs. This style of development maximizes the likelihood of the learning being applied successfully after the program, and therefore maximizes the return on investment for our clients.

For more information about our coaching, consulting and development programs, please review our website, or contact us by phone, via email, or through the web.



TESTIMONIALS "We have averaged 43% annual growth in sales over the past three years while working with you!"  (FCIB)

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