ClarityWorks offers training and development programs in the areas of Sales, Negotiation, Communication, Presentation, Leadership and Productivity. Typical stand-alone programs range in duration from one to five days in length. Our Total ImmersionTM programs span months or even years.

Seminars and Workshops
Webinars and Tele-Seminars
Total Immersion Development Initiatives

Sales Programs
Communication Programs
Leadership & Productivity Programs

All ClarityWorks training programs are highly-interactive, and follow accelerated learning principles. They are filled with exercises, case studies and assessments which act to both enhance and stimulate the learning process.

The use of accelerated learning techniques and processes throughout our programs ensures that all sessions are as informative and impactful as they are fun. Accelerated learning techniques make certain that participants are actively involved in their own learning process, through the use of lectures, activities, group discussions, and role plays.

An appendix is also included at the end of all workbooks, containing additional tools and resources to further enhance the learning provided in the programs.

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TESTIMONIALS "I thoroughly enjoyed the session, the interaction and the dynamic presentation by Juri and Ulana."  (FCIB)

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