The following three keynotes work well as opening, plenary or closing sessions. They are high-energy, high-content programs, designed to both energize audiences and enthuse them to take action. The content is always personalized to the audience, and the titles can be adjusted to reflect conference themes.

It’s Not the Playbook … It’s the Execution    more info
   It’s what you DO that makes the difference between success and failure

Persuasion Power    more info
   Connecting and influence are about what you say AND how you say it

The Art of Making Rain    more info
   Long-term success is determined by your ability to regularly “make rain”

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It’s Not the Playbook … It’s the Execution                                         back to top

Are you achieving the results you want, both personally and professionally? Does your potential match your performance? If not, then what’s holding you back? It’s not what we know or who we know that counts the most … it’s what we do that makes all the difference between success and failure. In this high-energy entertaining keynote, Juri shares some of the psychological and behavioural stumbling blocks and beliefs that tend to hold us back, and how to overcome them. Learn how to not only write your own playbook, but more importantly, execute it effectively!

Persuasion Power                                                                                         back to top

Do you ever require cooperation from others to accomplish your objectives or get what you want? Chances are, persuasion and negotiation are a part of your daily life, whether you like it or not. The ability to influence and persuade effectively is the most important attribute of personal and professional success today. And the greatest skill an influencer possesses is the ability to “connect” with others. In this high-energy keynote, Juri discusses the art and science of influential communication, and reveals the key principles of persuasion.

The Art of Making Rain                                                                                back to top

In centuries past, when there was a drought, Rainmakers created rain. In current times, when business is slow, Rainmakers attract new clients. The most successful societies and businesses don’t wait for a drought or business slowdown, they are making rain all the time. No matter what you do professionally, chances are your personal and professional success is, at least in part, dependent on your ability to continually “make rain”. This keynote explores the biggest selling myths and mistakes, and offers suggestions as to how to avoid them to consistently “make rain”.

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