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"We have averaged 43% annual growth in sales over the past three years while working with you!" (FirstCaribbean International Bank)

"Your energetic style and ability to adapt a generic program into real life situations applicable to our business truly made the program outstanding." (Manulife Financial)

"This is the best workshop I have attended in 25+ years." (Scotiabank)

"Quite possibly the best facilitator of any course I have ever taken." (Bell)

"This workshop was absolutely worth our time and investment.  It pulled together a lot of great nuggets and approaches to being more effective in a consultative role."
(Online Business Systems)

"Juri is a great communicator and motivator.  I enjoy his enthusiasm and openness."  (InterContinental Hotels Group)

"The three days of training were extremely valuable.  I was also impressed with the responses from the sales staff.  They are more motivated and eager to get to work and selling." 
(Rogers / AT&T)

"Thanks, Ulana, for your insight and your support.  You have given me confidence!"  (SK, coaching client)

"You simplified a process that on the surface seems very complex!" 
(Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce)

"The instructor was phenomenal!!!"  (Grand & Toy)

"The instruction was right at my level and speed.  It was very easy for me to take in a lot of valuable information over the course of three days."  (Norampac)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session, the interaction, and the dynamic presentation by the facilitators, Juri and Ulana.  I have learned not only how to improve in a banking environment, but also on a personal level."  (FirstCaribbean International Bank)

"Juri was excellent in relaying the information in an energetic way.  He captured my attention completely.  He obviously believed in what he was teaching."  (Manulife Financial)

"Ulana, you not only helped me with my presentation, you also gave me the confidence to present in front of my peers.  Thank you!"  (PD, coaching client)

"Excellent suggestions that can easily be used in day-to-day life - at work and at home!"  (Bell)

"Juri was knowledgeable, interesting and skilled at keeping the audience attentive.  I learned so much more than I thought would be possible in one day."  (A.M.Castle & Co.)

TESTIMONIALS "This is the best workshop I have attended in 25+ years!"

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