Total Immersion Development Initiatives

If you want to improve performance, boost results, and therefore maximize your return on investment, the Total ImmersionTM approach is the way to go!

Most training and development initiatives do not deliver on their objectives for three reasons:  (1) they are delivered as short generic stand-alone programs,  (2) they do not incorporate appropriate support and reinforcement, and  (3) they attempt to fix specific problems without considering the big picture.

Development initiatives, whether personal or corporate, realize the greatest benefits when effective delivery and spaced repetition are combined with on-going personalized reinforcement and accountability. For this reason, we have developed an approach to personal and professional development which we call Total ImmersionTM.

The Total ImmersionTM approach is holistic in nature. We first take a step back and look at the overall picture, taking into account all the internal and external factors that affect performance. Attitudes, values and beliefs are considered, as well as specific skills and behaviors. And 360 degree support and reinforcement are built into the entire development process.

Our Total ImmersionTM development programs include a number of key components, including front and back end assessments, speaking and training events, as well as comprehensive coaching and follow-up programs.

For more information about our Total ImmersionTM development programs, please contact us by phone, via email, or through the web.

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