Leadership & Productivity Programs

The following is an overview of our core leadership and productivity programs. The programs listed here range in duration from one to five days. Each workshop is fully personalized to the needs of individual clients, based on comprehensive pre-session interviews and assessments. For more information about any of our programs, please contact us.

Leading with Impact    more info
   Leadership and Coaching Skills for Managers

Productivity Management    more info
   Personal Leadership, Time & Stress Management Skills for Professionals

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Leading with Impactback to top
   Leadership and Coaching Skills for Managers

This program is designed to give participants a solid understanding of the coaching style of management, and provide them with tools and techniques to implement coaching principles and processes into their leadership. Topics include:

  • core leadership skills and best practices
  • leadership styles – strengths, challenges and how to adapt as a leader
  • team leadership – the team life cycle and leadership roles
  • dealing with challenging team behavior
  • situation-based leadership – getting the most out of your team
  • an in-depth look at core coaching skills
  • the DE2SC coaching and feedback model

Productivity Managementback to top
   Personal Leadership, Time & Stress Management Skills for Professionals

This session provides a look at up-to-date personal leadership, time management and productivity fundamentals. Topics include:

  • the key principles of personal leadership and success
  • recognizing the myths, misconceptions and bad habits that keep you trapped
  • how to regain control of your time and get more done every day
  • how to effectively handle internal and external obstacles: interruptions, disorganization, procrastination, meetings, poor communication
  • how to identify the symptoms of stress and burnout – and what to do about them
  • how to make time for what’s important, keep balance, and build self-confidence

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